open mailto: email links from Google Chrome in Google Mail account (now with Google Apps!)

Google Chrome is the world's most advanced browser, with many new technical features. We found one missing: we can't send emails through Google Mail by clicking on mailto: links. All clicks will open up Windows' default mail client.

So we created an application that does the above: it's called ChromeMailer.

Read review on LifeHacker and Webisztán. How ChromeMailer differs from other hacks? Read the blog!
ChromeMailer Facebook Group started :)

Download: ChromeMailer 32 bit Setup(Windows Installer MSI 280kbyte) or ChromeMailer 64 bit Setup(Windows Installer MSI 280kbyte)

Version history:
0.5 (current) - small rewrite, a Win7 fix and a separate x64 version.
0.4 open tabs - several fixes and a new experimental option for opening links in a new tab.
0.3 mailto fix - fix for broken mailto: handler. See more on this error here.
0.3 uacless - UAC-less mode added
0.2 google apps - adds the ability to set Gmail to use your Domain name (if you have registered Google Apps).
0.1 domain fix - Windows Domain users can alter settings as well.
0.1 vista fix - Now, it runs on Vista as well, but please note, you need administrator rights to install, and if you have UAC (User Account Control) enabled, it it will pop up error messages, because the lack of a $399 digital signature for "Works with Windows Vista" Program.

Microsoft .Net framework 2.0 required, tested under Windows XP Professional and Vista. This software is free, and can be freely distributed. All rights reserved. Copyright (c) Kardos Bálint, skaelede online 2009.